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Sutton Road Primary and Nursery

Sutton Road Primary and Nursery

Daily Challenge -Film Character Quiz

Film Character Quiz

Happy Thursday everyone. We really enjoyed your shadow drawings yesterday!

Today’s challenge is a quiz! Below are pixel drawings of a range of film characters. Can you work out who they are? Put your answers in the comments below or email your class email.

If you manage to guess them all, can you design one for a character who isn’t there? Don’t forget to use a ruler! If you send them in, we will put them up for people to guess!

A lot of these characters are from books. We think that stories are really important, that’s why our online resource today is Audible Stories. There are 100s of ebooks and rhymes for a range of different ages. We’re going to listen to Greg James and Chris Smith (from Radio One) amazing book – Kid Normal. In the story, Murph gets enrolled by accident into a school for superheroes. What could possibly go wrong? Let us know what books you’ve been reading/listening to: