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Sutton Road Primary and Nursery

Sutton Road Primary and Nursery


This area gives quick access to our policies

  1. Collaboration Access Plan Spring 2021.pdf
  2. Collaboration ADministration of Medicine in Educational Settings Policy Sept 2022.pdf
  3. COLLABoration anti-bullying-policy-23.pdf
  4. collaboration Assessment Policy January 2024.pdf
  5. collaboration Attendance Policy December 2023.pdf
  6. Behaviour regulation and attitude to learning policy SR Sept 23.pdf
  7. Collaboration-Charging and Remissions Policy Summer 2023.pdf
  8. NCC 2022 - Child-on-child Policy Guidance and Policy.pdf
  9. Childcare Act 2006 Policy Guidance - Spring 2023.pdf
  10. ncc and nscp child protection policy Sept 23 COLLAB.pdf
  11. ncc and nscp child protection policy executive summary Sept 23 COLLAB.pdf
  12. ncc and nscp child protection referral flowchart Sept 23 COLLAB.pdf
  13. SR Complaints Policy Summer 2023.pdf
  14. Data Protection - Autumn 2023.pdf
  15. Collaboration Drugs Education Policy 2023.pdf
  16. SR Equality Policy 2022-23.pdf
  17. collaboration EYFS Policy 2023.pdf
  18. collaboration First Aid Policy Autumn 2023.pdf
  19. collaboration Fundraising Policy.pdf
  20. COLLABORATION policy intimate care 2023.pdf
  21. SR primary-health-and-safety-policy - Autumn 2023.pdf
  22. SR Lettings Policy 2023.pdf
  23. COLLABORATION Mental-Health-Policy - Summer 2022.pdf
  24. collaboration Online-E Safety Policy autumn 2023.pdf
  25. SR Parental Code of Conduct 2023.pdf
  26. Records Management Policy - Spring 2023.pdf
  27. Collaboration RELATIONSHIPS AND SEX EDUCATION (RSE) Policy.pdf
  28. Collaboration Remote Learning Policy Spring 2024.pdf
  29. Retention schedule - July 2022.pdf
  30. SEN Policy 2023-24.pdf
  31. School Meals Debt Policy-2023 to 2025 (SR ONLY).pdf
  32. Collaboration Teaching & Learning Policy 2021.pdf
  33. SR School Uniform Policy Aut 2023.pdf
  34. SR COVID School Risk Assessment - Jan 2022 v2.pdf
  35. Collaboration Visitors and VIP Policy 2023.pdf
  36. Collaboration Volunteer Policy 2023.pdf
  37. Collaboration Confidential Reporting Whisteblowing Policy - Autumn 2023.pdf