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Sutton Road Primary and Nursery

Sutton Road Primary and Nursery

Daily Challenge - Create a Maze

Create a maze!

Today’s challenge is to create a maze. It can be drawn on paper, a 3D one made from card/paper, Lego, stones etc; a digital one using a program like PurpleMash (search for 2DIY3D – the non-flash version) or even a human-sized one from items in your home! Think about how you could make it easier or trickier for someone. Could you add obstacles? We can’t wait to see them!


Our online resource could help inspire your writing. Pobble 365 has a daily image that can be used as inspiration. This changes automatically every day. To support the writing process, there are story starters, sentence starters and discussion points for each picture. We really like today’s giant dice picture – we think a giant must have been playing monopoly!